iHajji - Pilgrim Tracker App

iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App also helps tour operators to connect with improved deals with Hotels, Transport and Airlines for competitive rates.


GPS Tracking System

The iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App will give you instant visual data to see where all your group members and friends are located at a touch of a button. There is a tracking history which allows you to trace back your steps over 72 hours. iHajji also has a comprehensive Guide to Hajj and Umrah, so you will learn what to expect whilst preparing for and embarking on Hajj and Umrah.

Location Marker

The iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App will help you mark specific locations, put down pointers, create collective meeting points and find all the nearest amenities you will need. The app also has a built in Pedometer to count your steps. The location functions also give you instant directions to your hotels, tents, nearest amenities, including food places such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald's and much more.

Pilgrim Communication

iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App users are always connected, and are able to communicate with each another as you can instantly send messages to everyone in your group. Users are also able to create personal profiles of themselves which they can share (optional) with other users and group members. Useful when travel agents need users to see images of their guides when meeting for the first time.


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iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App

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Ihajji has a built-in GPS system to help you find your way around the densely built up and complicated cities of Mecca and Medina. The idea behind this is to save you energy and distress by getting to the right location or place quickly and easily. You simply input the place of interest and the app will find and plot for you the nearest, navigating you in the best direction to that point.

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