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Islam Translated into English Means Peace

By Ihajji June 15, 2016

The Arabic word Islam literally translated into English means Peace. When Muslims greet one another they invoke the words Asalaam Alaikum, which translated into English means; Peace be with you. The word Asalaam comes from the word Islam meaning Peace. The Arabic word Muslim comes in two parts; Mu and Slim; Mu is an Arabic language prefix which simply means He or She who is; For example in the blessed name of our Peace loving holy Prophet of Islam; Muhammad (saw) again here we see Mu and hammad, hammd translated into English simply means Praised, so when you attach Mu to Hammd you create the blessed name ┬áMuhammad (saw), literally meaning He who is Praised. Therefore; with the word Muslim; the Mu meaning He or She who is put in front of the word Slim which is the root word of Islam meaning Peace; therefore the literal translation of the word Muslim is He or She who is on Peace! – Therefore; those who bring destruction to themselves and people around them contradict the basic essence of the meaning of what it means to be Muslim.