iHajji - Pilgrim Tracker App

iHajji Pilgrim Tracker App

By admin June 12, 2016

A comprehensive Hajj and Umra Guide.

iHajji tracks and connects lost pilgrims, finds places, sets locations, offers discounts and much more.

The app has all immediate, local Saudi Arabian Emergency Contact numbers available to you at a touch of a button.

It helps track your movements and that of your group members and friends, collectively or individually.

This includes the ability to arrange collective meeting points at any chosen location, with your group members and friends.

The app allows you to plot and save numerous location(s) so you never lose your way back to your desired destination.

Another feature of this app is that it helps to find and guide you to all the nearest amenities, including popular food places such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Subway etc, all the best shops, travel stations, medical centres, police stations, WCs etc.

It shares personal information about yourself (optional) with other members of your group and friends, in case you wish to alert them about a medical condition, habits or character traits.

This beneficial app has a built in Pedometer to help you count your blessed steps around the Holy House (and other distances) in order to help keep count or track your steps when performing your religious rites.

The App also gives you updated tracking history and guides pilgrims to each other.

You are also able to compare and book your Hajj and Umra trips online, through the iHajji Discount Tracker App (where applicable)

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If you wish to profile your company to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims worldwide then I will be happy to work with you. iHajji App is particularly interested in helping to bring down the cost of performing Hajj and Umra for pilgrims who are financially less well off than others.